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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Miceli Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please send us an email or contact the office if you have any questions.

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Dr. Jamie & Dr. Jana

I am completely pain free and feeling great

I first visited Dr. Jamie Miceli when I was expecting my first child. I was seven months pregnant at the time and suffering from severe sciatic pain which was making me miserable. The pain had been constant for a number of weeks and was starting to have a real impact on my life as I was unable to walk the dog or shop for groceries, so the whole family was suffering!Show More

I was quite anxious before my first adjustment as I had not been to see a chiropractor before. Jamie explained everything very thoroughly and I was impressed by his knowledge of Multiple Sclerosis, which has been an on-going health concern for me. After the first adjustment, the relief from the pain was instantaneous. I was able to take my dog for a walk that very afternoon.

Subsequent visits kept the sciatic pain in check and prepared me for the birth of my child which went without a hitch. Since then I have visited Jamie a number of times and always feel fantastic after an adjustment.

The result of my chiropractic care is that I am completely pain free and feeling great. I would strongly urge anyone to visit a chiropractor whether they are experiencing pain or if they just wish to care for their overall health. Jamie and Jana have always gone above and beyond the care I would expect and have given me a wealth of advice and support.


Dr. Jana and Dr. Jamie were so welcoming

Baby Ana

Baby Ana

When I became pregnant I was feeling sore in my back and legs. My husband was already seeing Dr. Jana and he suggested that I try going to the chiropractor. I was feeling pressure in my back from working and being pregnant. I thought it was normal to feel this way during pregnancy. I soon found out that it was not normal and that it could be helped so that I could enjoy being pregnant.

Dr. Jana and Dr. Jamie were so welcoming, and they were excited to help me feel better about being pregnant. When I was under regular chiropractic care with Dr. Jana I noticed that the pressure on my lower back was not there anymore and that my body was adjusting to being pregnant. My shoulders were more relaxed and even my heart burn was going away!!Show More

The result of consistent care during my pregnancy was a healthy, happy mommy and baby! We even get our daughter adjusted, she started at 12 days old! Chiropractors are amazing, they not only help your nervous system, and they make you feel better so that you can keep up with a new baby and their constant needs!! Regular adjustments will help prevent future problems that may arise, or correct the hidden problems that you don’t even know about!!

Carla and Baby Anna

Relief in just a few adjustments

During both of my pregnancies I developed severe back pain due to previous injuries. My first pregnancy the doctor sent me to physio and it did nothing for me. The pain was more severe during my second pregnancy and so I decided to try a chiropractor. I had another kid to take care of so I needed something because I was having trouble picking her up. The pain was getting increasingly worse and had been going on for about 2 weeks before my first visit.Show More

The difference in just a few adjustments was unbelievable!! I had always dealt with back pain from time to time and assumed it was just something I was going to have to live with forever. My adjustments in the beginning were lasting a few days at a time and slowly started lasting longer and longer.

Both Dr. Jana and Dr. Jamie are very warm and personable people!! I always feel welcomed when I come in and Dr. Jana has been wonderful at explaining everything to me from the beginning! I now come in from time to time to get adjusted. Usually a result of carrying two children around! My back has never felt as great as it does now!

I recommend Dr. Jana all the time to my family and friends! It is well worth it!


My pain ceased almost immediately



I was experiencing a lot of upper back pain, brought on by my job, similar to an overuse injury. The pain would get so bad when I was working that I would have to stop. The pain would last 24-48 hours after its onset. It felt like a huge muscle knot beneath my left scapula. I worked in a freelance environment, so to complain about my pain would only result in not being hired again.

The office experience was totally positive, from the environment to the interaction with the practitioners. My pain ceased almost immediately, as well as feeling more balanced overall.Show More

This was the first time that I had consulted a chiropractor. My results were very positive and I have been able to continue with the same work without pain. Also I have noticed that I no longer develop “Chinook Headaches,” due to changes in barometric pressure, rarely develop colds and when I do their severity is greatly diminished, as well as a general awareness and sense of wellbeing and balance. I do not hesitate to recommend Miceli Family Chiropractic to friends and family.


Dr. Jamie was friendly and very personable

I had been in a bad rear-end car accident and my neck and lower back were very sensitive. At times I could not move my neck and had pain sometimes when walking in my tailbone. I had been visiting physio but skipped out on appointments because they made it worse. I had also had my only and first ever Multiple Sclerosis attack about 5 months before and was curious about how this alternative therapy could help with those circumstances. I was fatigued, in pain, and worried about my neck and back when I came to see Dr. Jamie.Show More

I felt very at ease after my first consult and anxious to get the ball rolling. I wanted to be able to move around without fear of hurting my neck or back. My experience was great and Dr. Jamie was friendly and very personable. I noticed right away (about 2 weeks of adjustments) that my energy was up; my mobility was great and even though I would fall back and forth between feeling good and bad, I was reassured my pains would get better as we continued.

I rely on chiropractic care as a part of my healthy lifestyle. I have learned to listen to my body and know when it is time to get an adjustment in order to maintain my health. I always tell my friends about my experience and even though some of them are not convinced, they realize that I have been helped by it. My MS has not progressed and my energy levels are easier to maintain. My back and neck still need to be adjusted but I don’t believe that is because of the car accident, but rather due to my lifestyle.


I felt relief almost instantly

Amy & Baby Avary

Amy & Baby Avary

I have suffered from severe headaches for years. It wasn’t until I came in and had a complete and thorough examination (including x-rays) that I found out I had a complete reverse curve in my neck! No wonder I had headaches! In addition, I often felt like couldn’t breathe properly because my upper/mid back felt like it was pressing in on my lungs. I also had really sore knees that I had no explanation for. I slept terribly and was very conscious of all the pain I carried daily.

After I started coming in to see Dr. Jamie, I felt relief almost instantly! I had no idea I was as subluxated as I was (a lot of compression in my low back due to major car accident when I was 15 years old and numerous falls off of horses).Show More

I love Miceli Family Chiropractic! Their office is so relaxing and welcoming! Dr. Jana and Dr. Jamie are extremely professional and knowledgeable, and have their patient’s best interest truly at heart. I started sleeping better, and my headaches completely cleared up! I also noticed that my immune system became a lot stronger as a result of my chiropractic care. I used to get strep throat and bronchitis every year, but I am pleased to say I haven’t gotten sick in 4 years!!

I feel better than I have in years! I saw Dr. Jamie regularly during my pregnancy, and I carried my baby to term with absolutely no back pain or discomfort! Labor was also much easier than I anticipated ­ only 5 pushes and she was out! I am convinced that was because my pelvis was in alignment and there was nothing in the way to prevent her from entering the world!!! My daughter got her first adjustment when she was only 11 days old. She comes to the office regularly for check-ups by Dr. Jana. I am pleased to say that she is 16 months old, and besides a couple of minor colds, she has never been sick. Her immune system is great! Thank you Dr. Jamie and Dr. Jana! I don’t know what we would do without you! Don’t put it off one more day! This is the best thing you could ever do for yourself and your family. Don’t be scared ­ come in and learn about chiropractic and what it can mean to your family!!

Amy & Baby Avary

My back doesn’t feel as stiff and as tight

My friend Dawn told me about your office and she said that it helped her a lot. My back had always bothered me, especially since I had been working in an office and sitting at a computer all day. I was always feeling stiff and tight in my back so that’s why I decided to try out chiropractic. I’ve had a wonderful experience in the office and I’ve noticed a big change since starting your care plan and I feel a lot healthier and stronger.

The results I’ve had are amazing and my back doesn’t feel as stiff and as tight as it used to. I feel more relaxed now and I¹m so glad that my friend Dawn convinced me to go. I would recommend to everyone who has never gone to at least try it out and give it a chance. I have even brought my newborn baby in to get adjusted and I’ve also seen a big difference in her! She suffered from colic.


I felt more aware of what was going on with my body.

I had pain in my knees from a past injury, as well as a sore back from recent injuries. My knees had bothered me for a year or so, and my back for a month or so.

It was a great experience, I instantly felt better and felt more aware of what was going on with my body. After learning new ways to help myself between visits as well as coming regularly, I started feeling much better again.

I feel more energetic and more like me again. My advice would be go visit Dr. Jamie and learn what¹s happening with your body. Stop living with the pain and feel good again.


I have a lot of energy now

Baby Jadyn

Baby Jadyn

I was experiencing lower back pain for quite some time. So when we moved to Copperfield, my husband and I decided to try going to the chiropractor ­ it was a great decision!

My experience was very good, I found Dr. Jana very professional and easy going. She was very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. At that time I had just found out that I was pregnant, so Dr. Jana set up a chiropractic plan to not only fix my lower back pain, but to prepare my body for pregnancy and delivery.

I no longer experience lower back pain. I have a lot of energy and now when I feel a little off, I know it is time to get adjusted. I have been bringing in our little girl to get adjusted since she was 6 weeks old, which has helped keep her happy and healthy.Show More

I would highly recommend going to Miceli Family Chiropractic to anyone who really cares about good health and who is looking to maintain an active life!

Sharon & Baby Jadyn

I am a believer now and I always will be

I first became aware of the Miceli Family Chiropractic Practice when I was working with some of Dr. Jana¹s family. They had put on a demonstration of some of the ways the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic worked. A lot of that made sense to me. I however was still not a true believer. They did a scan on me at the meeting and I told them nothing of what was hurting on me. Dr. Jamie then started asking me if I had trouble with my right shoulder and my knees. He said there was a big spike on the meter in those areas. I had both my knees blown out through years of sports, with no cartilage left in one knee and very little in the other. They constantly hurt.Show More

I had also been involved in an ATV accident about two years prior to meeting Dr. Jamie. My right shoulder was seriously damaged from that accident and it was getting increasingly worse. I still was a non-believer in chiropractors. However, I was interested in seeing what they could do. I referred my daughter to them. She was having a lot of problems which they had described could be helped with their method of chiropractic care. She started care and received a lot of relief. After seeing what Jamie and Jana had accomplished with my daughter I then referred my wife and son. They both got the help they needed. I now was at the point where I needed the help.

On my first visit to the office I was totally amazed. Jamie sat down with me and explained what was going to happen. What they do, and why, how they do it. He did a scan on me once again, and, surprise, surprise, the same things showed up on the scan as the first one performed about 6 months prior at the demonstration in our office. Jamie pointed out every sore/pain I had. After the X-ray were done he could see the problem areas and he showed them to me and explained why the pain was there. He did a quick adjustment on the left shoulder and neck and I was on my way in a lot less pain then I was when I first walked through the doors.

About a year later I had radical surgery done on my right shoulder, the one injured in the ATV accident to repair the Rotor cuff, ligaments and tendons and the muscle. I needed to get myself to Jamie the following week because I had actually popped out my left shoulder while I was trying to get dressed. I popped it out because the right one was totally immobilized. The human body is just not supposed to bend in certain directions. Who knew! I wasn’t smart enough to ask for help and I was trying to do things on my own. Jamie was very hesitant to adjust the left shoulder for fear of hurting me because it was already very sore. After much, “It’s going to be OK” on my behalf he did the adjustment. I can tell you that the instant relief from the pain in my left shoulder was incredible. I know that I instantly got colour back in my face and I was not feeling sick to my stomach any more.

All I can say is that if you have pain in your body that is not supposed to be there you need to get yourself to Jamie or Jana. I am a believer now and I always will be. I have many of my family members coming here and many of my friends. Jamie and Jana are the only Chiropractors that I have ever referred anyone to and I will keep referring people to them every opportunity that I get.

Jamie has been doing adjustments now on my knees and although they will never get back to their original form, I can tell you that I now walk around 80 % of the time with very little pain in them. That in it’s self is worth the visit once a month. Their Gonstead method of Chiropractic care works, take it from me I am now a true believer.

John Couture

The results were immediate and satisfying

Dr. Phil Grout

Dr. Phil Grout

I had always experienced mid and lower back pain with the occasional hip problem. My pain typically started as a result of training for Triathlons. Throughout my training, I noticed that progressively my mid and lower back pain, and my hips would come out of alignment. My profession, being a dentist, also causes me to have constant strains on my back from sitting and twisting for long periods of time.

After seeing Dr. Jamie, and having my back and hip adjusted, the results were immediate and satisfying. My symptoms of pain gradually disappeared for the most part, so training became a breeze and pain was no longer an issue! I also improved my “Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon” time by 20 minutes. My job became a lot easier and pain free as well, I was now able to sit for extended periods of time at work with out any discomfort.Show More

I would recommend many to visit a chiropractor, especially if you want to achieve optimum performance from your training. It has made my day-to-day life a lot simpler and worry free of any pain.

Dr. Phil Grout

I now have full use of my knee

My name is Debbie Teolis and I have been Jana Miceli’s patient for almost a year having been referred to Jana at the Miceli Family Chiropractic Clinic by a colleague. My colleague shared her satisfaction in receiving treatment for a problem that she had previously received little relief for by the traditional medical field. She recommended Jana and the clinic based on their ability to diagnose and treat the cause of pain rather than merely provide temporary pain relief.Show More

My particular complaint was a knee that had suddenly flared up and had remained inflamed and painful for several months. Much like my colleague, I received little help from my doctor and I was told that I had arthritis and offered no solutions. On a scale of ten, my pain was constantly at an eight to nine.

I was very impressed with my initial visit to the Miceli Clinic and Jana’s diagnostic approach to my problem. I had previously seen a number of Chiropractors over the years so was not unfamiliar with the practice, however I was very much impressed with the Insight Millennium method of detection as well as the Gonstead Technique of adjustment. Both were new experiences for me and helped significantly in the diagnosis as well as the treatment of my condition. I was also very pleased with the thoroughness of the examination as well as Dr. Jana’s knowledge level.

My personal experience was definitely one of successful treatment and relief. After a few treatments, the pain in my knee subsided until I was able to function normally and after a few months, I was experiencing almost no pain at all. The biggest satisfaction for me was my ability to meet my goal of walking in the 60 km Weekend Walk to End Breast Cancer. I was able to train sufficiently and completed the walk with no complications or long-term affects on my knee. I now have full use of my knee, have been able to return to running with no pain at all.

I am now on a maintenance program that I am pleased to say keeps my body functional and pain-free. I’ve also gained considerable knowledge about how the body works and the benefits of chiropractic, so much so that I have referred family and friends to the Miceli Clinic. I consider myself living proof that Chiropractic can not only help you deal with any number of pain-related problems, but also improve your general health.

I believe that many people likely are not aware of the full benefits of chiropractic care and how it can enhance their overall health. It is my experience that chiropractic care has been a great compliment to the medical field and has greatly enhanced my quality of life.

Debbie Teolis

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