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Clinical Counsellor and Hypnotherapist
Jennifer Alexander

{PJ} Counsellor Jennifer AlexanderJennifer Alexander lives a fantastic life. She lives her passion and purpose helping others. She travels to exotic places, has wonderful friends and family, and lots of time to do the things she wants to do in life.

But it wasn’t always that way.

A Rocky Start

At the age of eight her parents got divorced. It was a devastating time for her. She didn’t know what divorce meant, didn’t know if she’d ever see her dad again, didn’t know if she and her little brother would be separated or how my mom would be able to support them by herself. Jennifer was terrified!

A few years later she became an alcoholic and a drug user. Her grades went from straight A’s to F’s. She was promiscuous and became involved in some very unhealthy relationships. At the age of 16 Jennifer moved out of her mom’s house without even telling her and as a result, her mom disowned her. Needless to say, Jennifer’s life was a wreck!

Discovering Hypnotherapy

Then in 1998, at the young age of 18, she stumbled across hypnotherapy. Her friend had just returned from a stage hypnosis show and said, “Hypnosis is so cool, you have to try it!” At the time Jennifer was way too shy to go on stage in front of an audience of people; however she was very curious to find out what hypnosis was all about. She picked up the Yellow Pages book and found a hypnotherapist that she could go see one-on-one. Within one session Jennifer went from being super shy to super outgoing. It was incredible! She ended up seeing the hypnotherapist for a total of six sessions and at the end of it the therapist said, “There is a hypnotherapy course coming up in a few months, I think you might like it.”

The sessions Jennifer had with her made such a profound impact on her life that her therapist’s recommendation was all it took for Jennifer to pick up the phone and call the hypnotherapy school. She registered that day and started the course three months later.

Finding Purpose in Helping Others

Jennifer started her hypnotherapy career with no idea what she was getting into. Throughout the training she was awakened to some simple truths of how the mind works. This is when everything changed for her. Jennifer was able to get her life back under control. No longer did she blame her parents, her teachers, her friends, classmates, employers, the economy, the government, for everything that went wrong in her life. Jennifer realized that while she was not able to control others, she was able to control herself. And while she was not able to control what went on around her, she was able to control what went on within her. This realization coupled with the skills and tools she learned in hypnotherapy training was life changing.

In 2002 Jennifer officially launched her hypnotherapy private practice and in 2004 she began teaching hypnotherapy. Since then she’s spent more than a decade studying human behavior. In 2011 Jennifer founded the College of Professional Hypnotherapy and in 2012 founded Results Therapy International.

An Expert in the Field

Jennifer has published two books, “101 Stories That Never Happened: Secrets to a Depression Free Life” and “From Resistance to Results: 7 Keys to Achieving Any Goal.” She has also co-authored the book, “Entrepreneurial Spirits” with Dr. Joe Vitale and John Assaraf (from the movie, “The Secret”). Jennifer has developed her own, extremely powerful, therapeutic technique called the “R2R Process.” It is a highly successful and revolutionary approach to breaking through past boundaries for success.

Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of helping people overcome chronic health conditions, lose weight, stop smoking, conquer depression, overcome insomnia, enhance sports performance, improve relationships, increase financial wealth, and much more.
In Jennifer’s current practice she specializes in helping individuals overcome depression quickly, naturally and without medication. Did you know that depression plays a role in most people’s lives? In fact, according to World Health Organization depression is among the leading cause of disability worldwide. It affects over 121 million people and takes the lives of over 850,000 people every year.

Offering Clients a Real Solution

Most of Jennifer’s clients have tried everything to feel better without lasting success. One of Jennifer’s clients said this…

“I was lost and confused with no hope for my future. Six weeks ago I attempted suicide. My psychiatrist wanted me on medication and offered no hope for a real solution to my problems. After my first session with Jen I noticed a remarkable change. Where I was once hopeless and skeptical, I am now open and excited.

Within just a few hours Jen seemed to understand me like none of my psychologists or psychiatrists ever had, even after years of therapy.”

This fellow found Jennifer when nothing else had worked. His psychiatrist told him to try slapping himself in the face as a solution to his problem. In fact, most of the people Jennifer works with have been to psychologists or counsellors for 20 years or more and have achieved few results. These same people experience life changing breakthroughs in a very short time with Jennifer.

What Others in the Medical Community Are Saying About Jennifer…

“Over the course of my career in medicine and psychotherapy I have encountered many mental health practitioners and in my opinion Jennifer is among the best I have known. She has a natural talent and ability that allows her to intuit and identify the core issues underlying people’s complaints, and this coupled with her skill as a therapist provides tremendous benefit to her students and clients alike. I can’t say enough good things about Jennifer as a helping professional and as a teacher.”
- Diane Shaw M.D., M.A. Counselling

Jennifer is very excited about helping you break free of your limiting habits and self-sabotaging behaviors so you too can take charge of your life and become the master of your reality.

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