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About Miceli Family Chiropractic in Calgary

We’ve been delivering quality chiropractic care to Calgary, Auburn Bay, Mckenzie Towne, New Brighton, Mahogany and surrounding communities since 2006.

Welcome to Miceli Family Chiropractic in Calgary

Welcome to Miceli Family Chiropractic!

Why We Chose Calgary

We chose Copperfield for all the young families in the area. We have always wanted to create the type of practice where families feel safe, and where they have a resource for all their health care needs that is just a phone call away. We find patients use us for much more than chiropractic care but for health advice on nutrition, supplements, exercise, labor support, breastfeeding support, and an overall portal to all their families needs.

We would love to see people continuing to challenge the traditional medical paradigms and keep asking questions. What was acceptable 15-20 years ago is no longer and our generation will be the one to upset the system enough to stimulate change. We love seeing parents asking questions and challenging the birth processes in our hospitals, the drug ads on TV, the vaccine schedules, the food we eat – you name it!! Challenge everything, including chiropractic!! It gives us the chance to explain it and a chance for the patient to truly understand it!

What New Patients Wonder

Our most frequently-asked question asked by new patients is “How long is it going to take to get better.” We explain it as a process similar to going to the gym. If you want defined biceps, you can’t train them once and month and then complain that going to the gym doesn’t work! You have to train more frequently to get results and then you can maintain that change by training less frequent. – Same with chiropractic! Adjustments are training your spine!

Our Ideal Patient

The patients that fit best in our practice are the ones who want to take the time to figure out what is going on with their health and those who are interested in how they lost it and what they can do to gain it back. Those who just want a “crack” and then to be on their way usually find out office procedures tedious and frustrating.

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